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We use premium OEM standard brake components. We back our work with a 24 month/24k mile warranty so you can drive with confidence knowing you are covered.

A general rule of thumb is to replace both the pads and rotors at the same time to keep your vehicle operating at safe conditions. However, if you wish to only change brake pads (depending on the condition of the rotors) it can be done.

Our technicians come to you for your free brake inspection. They will show you what brake components need to be replaced and even if you don't need your brakes repaired.


Seth W. 

The Staff was very professional and knowledgeable. They were efficient with their work and left their workspace clean. They offer better prices than the dealership and will come to your home/business at a time convenient for you. It is a no brainer to use this company if you value your time and money.

John K.

These guys are awesome. They came to the house and changed my brake pads fairly quickly. Brakes work well with no issues. Would recommend.


Great fast efficient service! I wish I had known about this company sooner. I would have saved alot of money! I got brand new front rotors and breaks and paid 1/2 the price of what I paid to fix my rear breaks one week earlier.


Where were you when you realized you needed brake repair? Probably not in front of an auto shop. Where is your vehicle parked now? If you’re at work or home, it’s likely not next door to a mechanic. So what are you to do? Sacrifice the level and range of services? Interrupt your day to drive to a brick and mortar building? Neither when you choose Nevada Mobile Brakes in Las Vegas, Nevada. We’re based at Nevada Mobile Brakes Serving Las Vegas, NV, but we bring the shop to you because we’re mobile, serving the Las Vegas area. Schedule your brake service by calling (866) 556-6245 or using our online appointment feature.


Unlike some establishments that do a limited number of many services, Nevada Mobile Brakes focuses on one element of auto repair–brakes. In reality, that allows us to be at the top of our game for the full range of services needed for your brake system. For instance, we can assist you with preventive maintenance services such as routine brake inspections and brake fluid changes. Your owner’s manual will provide specific information for your make and model, and driving habits matter, but generally, a good rule of thumb is to have your brake pads checked at the 12,000-mile mark and opt for fluid change after 25,000 miles. Furthermore, we’re here to help you when a problem arises. Be vigilant for potential warning signs, and contact us if you notice any of them. If your brake light is illuminated, you need to check the system. Also, watch for any signs of drips leaking brake fluid. Often, this is accompanied by a soft or spongy brake pedal, a sign that the hydraulic fluid pressure isn’t great enough. You may also hear an odd grinding noise or a squealing sound. These may indicate worn components that need replacing and may be causing damage to wheel cylinders, brake calipers, or other parts. Another warning is feeling your automobile pulling to the side or the steering wheel shimmying as you brake. Finally, a burning scent with a hint of chemicals could mean that you have a stuck brake caliper, an engaged emergency brake, or overheated brakes. No matter which prevention or cure you need, we’re your go-to for brake repairs.


Your safety is too important to question the work performed on your brakes. You need a repair establishment with the expertise to make reliable brake repairs. The great news is that Nevada Mobile Brakes provides the entire package. We’re equipped to meet all your brake repair needs onsite, so you get stopping power with great service and reputable work without the hassle. Not sure if your brakes need servicing? We provide a no fuel surcharge for coming out and inspecting your brakes. If we feel you don’t need your brakes repaired or replaced, we won’t charge you for the inspection. No Visitation Fees!

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